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  • Great Texas BBQ!

    We used Smokey Johns to cater our Chamber of Commerce event and would recommend them to everybody. They have superior service, an excellent staff and unbelievable food. Thank you Smokey Johns! We look forward to using your services again at our next event.

  • Everyone really enjoyed themselves especially your food.

    Thanks so much for the food at my husbands birthday party. The tamales, turkey and sausage were the hits. Everyone really enjoyed themselves especially your food.

  • This was just smokein' BBQ.

    Dear John and Smokey John's BBQ, Thanks for the great food and service. This was just smokein' BBQ.

  • Thank you for the BBQ

    Thank you for the BBQ and your thoughtfulness.

  • Stop reading this and go get some smoke!

    Food that soothes the soul. Seriously, you will never have food from here and not feel like everything is right in the world after. They will will do lunch catering to your office. We did this for our group of about 15-20 when we had visitors from out of state we wanted to impress...Smokey John's BBQ blew them away. They have perfected the art of smoked meat BBQ. SMOKE. CHAR. SPICE. Everything is perfect. The assortment of meats gives you a wide enough selection to try something new each time. The sides of mac & cheese, collard greens, etc all feel like they came straight from grandma's kitchen. I've never had the fried catfish (can't stop eating the smoked turkey sandwich) but it on my list to try. When you eat here you'll leave feeling like you're part of the family with an invite to come back. This is a family legacy that's only getting better. They also do large event catering and have a Tuesday prayer lunch with live music that packs a crowd!

  • Really great BBQ

    Really great BBQ find in a not-so-awesome area. Brisket - moist and flavorful Hot garlic sausage - tasty, spicy and not too salty Baked beans - pretty solid Chicken tetrazzini - good, but understandably not why you're here Corn bread - great Johnny cakes Would definitely come back!

  • This BBQ place is so good.

    We had the two meat plate with brisket and sausage. The portions are very generous and we had the option to put the BBQ sauce on the meat. I recommend that! I got mac and cheese and baked beans with corn bread as my sides. My sister got mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. We were so happy to stumble upon this place! It is easily the best BBQ I have ever had. I can't wait to go back before we head out of town.

  • Highly recommend this place!!!

    Stopped here after landing at The airport. The food was incredible, the staff were super nice, highly recommend this place!!!

  • Talk about a great sounding southern lunch... Slap yo Momma good!!!!

    I was pleasantly surprised!!! Great customer service and friendly smiles... Everyone really takes pride in their work as well as the food. I had the BBQ turkey sandwich with collard greens and Mac n Cheese... Talk about a great sounding southern lunch... Slap yo Momma good!!!! My buddy had the loaded baked potato with chopped brisket... It was HUGE!!! It was the size of a cute baby... I could've adopted it. The turkey had great flavor and the collard greens were ok. The Mac n Cheese was legit. I promise to go back and try the collard greens again. I will go back again and again... Always searching for the perfect BBQ at a reasonable price... Smoky John's has great BBQ at a fair price...

  • This place is Amaze-balls!

    Picked up my sister at Love Airport and this was the closest BBQ venue. Saw that it had 4 stars on yelp and tried it. Brisket was a little too tender but lightly-seasoned and scrumptious, the ribs were perfect, the sausage was mildly spicy but tasty, the chicken was great. My only complaint was the cornbread wasn't sweet enough (personal preference) but their Sweet Potato are out of this world. The service is super friendly and very attentive.

  • This place is delicious!

    We had the two plate combo with ribs and chicken. The BBQ sauce is amazing and the meat falls off the bone. For the sides Mac n cheese, beans and Texas toast. The sweet tea is also great. We might have to stop here again before we head back to Cali!

  • I can't wait for my next meal from this place!

    We had Smokey John's cater lunch at our office today and everything I was was great! My favorites were the sausage and brisket. The had just the right kick, and the brisket was perfectly charred. The BBQ sauce was fantastic! Be sure you grab a side of Mac and cheese and do not pass on the corn bread!

  • Wonderful, friendly staff! And great food. No complaints.

    Delicious! I'm used to visiting cousins when I come to DFW area. But I flew out of love field today so looked for BBQ! This was better than expected. Got the barbecue chicken and 2 sides. That sauce is incredible... And the seasoning on the chicken came through the sauce as well! Catfish basket was also ordered - and enjoyed. And tamales to go!

  • The BEST BBQ I have had.

    Our office had Smokey John's cater our office lunch last week. The BEST BBQ I have had since I have moved to Dallas. I had the opportunity to have the different sausages and brisket and chicken, it was ALL delicious. Great smokey flavor, great char, they had one sausage that had a nice spicy kick that I couldn't stop eating. I don't know which one was my favorite. The sauce was perfect not to sweet, good bold flavor. The mac and cheese melted in your mouth like butter... so good. Can't wait to eat their food again!!! Well Done!

  • Awesome place and the greatest BBQ joint I found in Dallas!

    I cannot say enough about how much I loved this place! Every business should take a note from these folks on how to treat customers. But it's not even really about being nice to customers, it's about being genuinely lovely people, which everyone at Smokey John's seems to be! Super awesome people aside, the food was fantastic! Truly the best ribs and mac n' cheese I have ever had, no doubt, and everything else we ordered was no less than excellent! Between the three of us we tried just about every meat and side they offered and had zero complaints! To top off the great interpersonal experience and amazing food the entire staff went out of their way to wish me a happy birthday when they overheard my sister talking about it. Then they actually brought a little cake with a candle in it to me and sang! We did not request any of that, they did that on their own.

  • I recommend it to anyone who appreciates true BBQ.

    Bible study and BBQ on Tuesdays! I ordered the two meat combo. Amazing customer service! I love how genuine the people are.

  • Best BBQ stop in Dallas.

    Great food and a friendly staff. Will definitely be coming back again shortly!

  • Awesome Food!

    Awesome food, fellowship and friends every Tuesday! Love the healthy greens & I always look forward to a turkey leg @ The Texas State Fair!


    Words cannot express the experience we just had at this place!! First of all, the staff is unbelievably friendly! I felt like I just stepped into my grandmother's house and was greeted by my entire family!! So when I finally chose the food I wanted--which wasn't an easy task as everything looked so delicious--I sat, took a bite & to my unexpected surprise.....TASTEBUD HEAVEN!! It was like my mouth didn't know what to do with itself. Every single bite was better than the last & when I finished, I was pleasantly SATISFIED! Not full (okay, maybe a little), not wanting to throw up because I ate too much & not wanting more because it wasn't enough....but just perfectly, undeniably satisfied. So then I proceeded to ask the manager, "Listen...with food this good, there has to be a story behind this place! So what is it?" He then told me one of the sweetest & one of the most inspiring stories ever! A story you'll just have to ask yourself if you stop by this place. And I HIGHLY recommend you do!!! I don't even live here, I was just in town, but next I come through...Smokey John's will be one of my first stops!!

  • Best barbecue I've ever eaten for sure!

    Every year I visit Dallas. Last year I decided to give Smokey John's a try. This is the best barbecue I've ever eaten for sure! Get the brisket, it melts in your mouth!

  • Smokey Johns is the best!!

    You can't come to Dallas without going here. The food is fantastic and the service is even better. Best brisket and ribs in town! We will definitely be coming back and even taking some home to share with our families.

  • AWESOME BBQ and sides.

    These guys do it right. Had the 3 meat plate. Brisket Smokey and tender, ribs fall off the bones, sausage was delicious. Friendly staff. Go there, eat there, your tummy with thank you!!

  • We finally found the best BBQ in Dallas.

    I picked because of their high ratings and they lived up to it. Brisket, chicken, sides wonderful. They catered food for 50 for us and the catering staff was great and everyone said they enjoyed the food. Great smoky flavor the way BBQ should be. Quality tender meat. Five stars! Say hi to Brent the manager who cares how your dining experience turns out.


    A little background: I try BBQ when traveling for work to places known for their BBQ - Kansas City, St. Louis, around Texas. Smokey's is my new favorite BBQ spot, no wisdom. I've been eating at local-recommended BBQ spots when here for work, and only stumbled on Smokey's when hit with a flight cancellation at Love Field. Everything about the place is superlative. It's the cleanest dive I've ever seen. Nothing fancy - thank goodness, it's BBQ - but impeccably clean. The three staff members we encountered were the friendliest people in Texas! Brent, apparently the manager, walks around ensuring his patrons are enjoying their experience. The staff all loved how excited we were to eat their food! We got a sampling of ribs and my boyfriend ended up getting a full order, along with okra and mac and cheese. I got a chopped brisket sandwich with beans and mac and cheese. WONDERFUL. Man, I'm sad. Reality just set in that I can't have Smokey's again for a few months. But I'm pretty stoked to recommend this place to my Dallas colleagues who've been missing out!

  • The food is amazing, both BBQ and the Soul Food.

    The sides are absolutely phenomenal (get the mac n cheese). Also they have great tamales, stuffed potatoes and meat loaf. The staff is ridiculously friendly and the owner is there working the line every day and comes around to tables, learns your names and is an all around great guy. This is what an old school restaurant looks like, great food and the customers come FIRST. Not a lot of places like this any more. I highly recommend this place!

  • The food is amazing, no matter what is selected!

    I wish I lived closer! The food is amazing, no matter what is selected! It's so hard to choose among the meats and sides. One of my friends described the sweet potatoes as magical if that's an indication of the experience. We ended with warm peach cobbler. During our visit we were asked no less than three times if we needed anything. Owner Brent Reaves also made it over to make sure we were satisfied. Can't wait to come again. Worth the drive from Plano!

  • Don't miss out on this place!

    My boyfriend and I have been in search of good BBQ for awhile! We're both really tough critics because we both moved here from the south. This place was fabulous. I got my BBQ sauce on the side so I could get a good taste of the meat I got. Between the two of us, neither of us had bad meat. All of the sides were amazing and our meet was juicy with great flavor. If you're looking for good BBQ this is the place! The staff was all extremely nice and super helpful. Don't miss out on this place!

  • Scrumptious!

    Food is great! They let you try the different meats if you like when you first enter the restaurant which is fantastic. I had the ribs and my friend had the sausage and both were excellent. I've never had ribs where I can completely clean the bone off and there is no fat or gristle to speak of. The BBQ sauce had a great kick to it and the sides we selected were scrumptious!

  • It's a temple to the great gods of BBQ and Soul.

    Smokey John's isn't a restaurant. It's a temple to the great gods of BBQ and Soul. When I get the urge, nothing can keep me from Smokey John's. Sometimes I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, and I smell it. The Smoke. And then I just Have To Go. Here's what I mean: Oh, and Deep Fried Wednesdays complete me.

  • If you are ever anywhere remotely near Dallas, this is THE PLACE to check out! 5 stars!!!

    I am a California girl in Dallas on business and insisted on dragging my colleague out for some "real Texas BBQ." Man oh man did this place deliver!!!! Amazing food and amazing service!! The owner came out and personally greeted us and made us feel totally at home. The BBQ was exceptional and if you haven't had their "Butter Bomb Cake" you haven't lived. Just saying. If you are ever anywhere remotely near Dallas, this is THE PLACE to check out! 5 stars!!!

  • Oh, Smokey John's. To me, you are BBQ heaven.

    Perfect smoke rings, flavorful meat, tangy sauce, and a multitude on sides to choose from. Moist cornbread, tasty toast, homemade banana pudding. And to top it all off, the most awesome friendly service makes this place feel like you fell into someone's home. Manager was walking around talking to people. You could tell he truly cares about this place as a whole. I am sad that the Gaston location has been torn down, but this was well worth the drive to West Dallas just to get a bite of tasty noms.

  • Food for the soul made with love.

    This is the real deal. Food for the soul made with love. The key to world peace. Want to impress clients? Get lunch catered from here. They take small office size orders and deliver. The turkey, ham, brisket, ribs, sausage...all are absolutely world class. The smoke, char and seasoning are spicy, smokey perfection. Do it!!!

  • Great place. Amazing food. Sweet people.

    Brent saw my hospital name tag and asked if I had a child in the hospital. I have been at children's with Sadie for 9 weeks. He immediately asked if he could say a prayer for my sweet Sadie and said they would put her in a prayer list that evening. I can't wait to go back, grab a big ol' plate and let them know we are going home. I'll be sure to visit when I come back for appointments.

  • A+ from me!!

    I have to say this place is amazing.If you want to enjoy some real BBQ this is the place to go!! The mac n cheese and peach cobbler is so tasty that I had to go back for more. The brisket and turkey had amazing flavor ohhhh and that corn bread wow!! Defiantly eating Smokey John's BBQ again. Also the staff get an A+ from me!!

  • Best BBQ

    Some of the best BBQ I have enjoyed in a while. The smoked sausages were absolutely amazing. The hot links were the right kind of spicy. The smoked turkey was so flavorful. Typical yummy BBQ sides, until I saw yams and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Great job on great BBQ!

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing!!

    I cannot say enough good things about this place, the food & the people! Great food--SO delicious!! Great service--SO friendly!! Great love for others & a great story to back it all up! We will definitely be here again when we come through this way! Thank you guys so much for what you do! You blessed us today! :)

  • We highly recommend them for ANY event, stop by and have a meal if you haven't already.

    Smokey John's catered our wedding in March and did an absolutely amazing job. The staff was extremely efficient and friendly and went above and beyond what was "outlined" in the contract. The food was incredible and people are still raving about how delicious it was. We highly recommend them for ANY event, stop by and have a meal if you haven't already. I heard someone say, "You come as a customer but leave as family." -- That definitely rings true!

  • I'm an event planner and I did an event at Smokey John's and they are by far, the BEST!

    Great food and Great customer service! So accommodating, very attentive, and always with a smile! I would highly recommend anyone to patronize this business!!!