Smokey John's BBQ


Thanks so much for the food at my husbands birthday party. The tamales, turkey and sausage were the hits. Everyone really enjoyed themselves especially your food.

~ Mary Marquart

Dear John and Smokey John's BBQ, Thanks for the great food and service. This was just smokein' BBQ.

~ The Law Office of John Hampton and Associates

Thank you for the BBQ and your thoughtfulness.

~ The Montelongo Family

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SJ Deep Fried Wednesday's

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Come join us at Smokey John's BBQ for our DEEP FRIED WEDNESDAY specials. Try the Deep Fried Reese's & Cream (as seen on TV's Deep Fried Masters! Or... how about experiencing our Stuffed Baked Potato. Let us know how much you enjoyed the food!

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Smokey John's BBQ Holiday Season

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With the busy holiday season approaching, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to ease the stress associated with holiday entertaining. Smokey John's BBQ offers the perfect holiday meal alternative with delectable barbeque meats and savory side items.

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Smokey John's BBQ Texas State Fair

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Smokey John's BBQ is serving fantastic Bar-B-Que at the Texas-State-Fair. Visit us at our three locations and let us know how much you enjoyed our home-style BBQ and deep fried foods.